The F Word Programmes:
Future Forecasting

The F Word Programmes

Future forecasting

This is where we start looking to fix any issues we found in the financial health check, in order to create a solid foundation on which to build your new strategy.

In our experience, the usual issues include:

  • Profitability of the business model
  • Cash reserves
  • Accounting and process problems
  • Accessing accurate data
  • Balance sheet corrections

We can design exactly the right financial management information that’s moulded to your goals and focussed only on the most important things that will make the difference.

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Future forecasting

Financial skills training

This is all about getting the key financial skills into your business. Any size of business needs really good financial information to be successful.

Going back to the financial health check and subsequent strategy meeting, we identified gaps within your organisation and now it’s time to action those requirements.

Those may be to train your bookkeeper or members of your finance team on the skills gaps found during the diagnostic on cash flow management, understanding accounting basics, and monthly accounting routines.

Whatever those gaps are, we can help fill them.

Future forecasting

Processes and controls

It’s now time to put in place the processes and systems required to streamline your operations and ensure accurate reporting measures.

These include:

  • Balance sheet control & reconciliation process
  • Reporting timetable
  • Cost control and authorisations
  • Fraud awareness and controls
  • Payroll and VAT controls
  • Credit control procedures & processing efficiencies
Future forecasting

Financial & management information

Having the right financial information is critical for any business, especially an ambitious and growing company, and the basic reporting from the usual accounting packages will never give you what you need. We’ll identify and create the information your business needs for financial control and success.

This includes bespoke automated management reporting, budgeting, a business dashboard, cash flow reporting and forecasting, and flash-reporting.

We also train you and your business on how to prepare and use the information to drive performance, profit, cash and business value – to create your future.

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